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Maximize your Brilliance

Quantum leap into greater happiness, health, relationships & success.

  • Play on a higher frequency

  • Shift into a new reality of possibilities

  • Magnetize your goals & dreams

  • Develop your intuition & spiritual gifts

  • Increase momentum toward success

  • Clarity on direction and purpose

  • Overcome challenges more easily

  • Enjoy fulfilling relationships

  • Increase confidence & self-esteem

  • Grow a prosperous career/business

  • Become a speaker, author, coach

Re-examine everything you have ever been told & dismiss whatever insults your soul.  -Walt Whitman
Carolyn McGraw


Carolyn asked me a question that helped me uncover my core issue. With Carolyn’s gentle guidance I realized I was not being true to myself…WOW!  She was able to bring to the surface things that were buried deep down helping me see what I was doing to myself. I feel like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. Her insights turned me around to the exact direction I was meant to pursue. Since our session I have felt more positive, and my confidence has increased. I can finally do what I couldn’t do before in making a key change in my life to step more fully into my true self.



I have had many sessions with Carolyn, and I am truly amazed at how she has helped me to change my life for the better! She helped me breakthrough my insecurities, fears, and self-doubt. Carolyn has such a calming energy and is an expert at getting to the core of the issue in such a gentle way. I feel much more inner peace and self-love after working with her. She taught me techniques that have helped me in all areas of my life. I am empowered with more clarity to take on some big life changes going forward with much more confidence. Carolyn is a master life coach and healer. She really helped me find myself and I know I could not have done this on my own.



Together, we will create a crystal-clear vision of your goal.

Uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you.

Leave the session feeling renewed, re-energized, and


Coaching Programs

(1 hour sessions every other week with accountability support)

Business Accelerator

10x your business and confidence with a success blueprint. Upscale your entrepreneurial skills, become a networking pro, learn spiritual marketing strategies and story-based marketing skills.


Make sense of your love life.

Free yourself from toxic relationships. Overcome confusion & heartache. Uplevel your relationship skills. 

Healing Journey

 3 sessions includes a Self-Healing class to learn how to boost your immune system, overcome anxiety & depression. Experience an peaceful Emotional Stress Release on a cellular level & relax deeply with Hypnotherapy.

 "Life On Purpose" on WBTVN.TV with brand expert, Rich Kozak

Carolyn McGraw and her book Jumpstart your

Carolyn K. McGraw is a Soul Whisperer, helping others make their wishes and dreams come true! She is a true expert in the healing arts and loves to mentor others as an Intuitive Business, Healing and Dating Coach. For over 20 years she has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist which led her to become a Medical Intuitive.


Carolyn is a co-author, speaker and TV Host. She has an international best-selling book called “Jump Start” with her chapter entitled, “The Healing Power of Love and Forgiveness.”  She has been interviewed on numerous TV and radio shows and produced her own show called, “Life on Purpose” on the Women’s Broadcast Network Channel.


Earning a  master’s degree in Education, Carolyn taught school for over 20 years. She has mentored students from gangs helping them to transform their wound story into their wow story through spoken word and poetry-therapy. Carolyn’s passion is to help others uncover their gifts, find their purpose and build a prosperous business with her soul aligned blueprint.

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