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Get the LOVE you really want


Overcome confusion
and heartache

Love Coaching

Let’s Rewrite Your Love Story Together!
Wedding Bouquet
You can have…
A Healthy, Committed, Soulful
Relationship You Deserve

What If You Could…

  • Win in your love life

  • Trust yourself more

  • Discern the red flags sooner

  • Attract the right one and repel the wrong one

How Much Better Would It Be To…

  • Find a high caliber match

  • Express your needs & get them met

  • Open to true intimacy

  • Feel worthy, valuable and loveable 

10x your Emotional Intelligence

  • Become super confident in your decisions

  • Get better at handling stress 

  • Overcome relationship issues

  • Fall in love with yourself



I was feeling sad and overwhelmed after losing my mom dealing with a toxic ex-husband and my children were struggling too. I am so grateful and happy I found Carolyn to help me let go of a life time of emotional baggage that was draining my life force. Shortly after our sessions everything improved beyond my wildest dreams! With a new perspective and inner peace, I was able to create a space for an extraordinary new man into my life. He is a handsome pilot who loves to whisk me around the world for romantic adventures. I have never had such a loving relationship. We just got married and I sent Carolyn our picture in front of the Eiffel Tower above. She really is like a Fairy God-mother!!


I was feeling a lot of anxiety about my on again off again boyfriend, it was really interfering with my health and goals I had set for myself. I did not know what to do. Carolyn was highly recommended so I met with her and she helped me get clarity on what I really wanted. She was able to get to the root of my anxiety and kind of lift it right off my heart. I felt lighter and more connected to myself than I ever have been! I knew what I had to do and so I broke it off with my Mr. Wrong. A month later my new love story began. My Mr. Right just waltzed right in and it felt like a match made in Heaven!  We got married. I know that if I had not worked with Carolyn I would not have been ready to to meet the right one and say YES!


It is amazing what forgiveness can do for your life! Carolyn helped me improve all the relationships in my life and my business took off too! We worked on healing and forgiving the relationship with my mother first then my ex-husband. Carolyn helped me forgive on a really deep level that opened my heart. With this one shift I noticed that the relationship with my daughter improved immensely… AND the good news kept coming in!  New high end clients showed up, and my boyfriend proposed to me! Carolyn laughed when I told her that my boyfriend had proposed to me before and I said no. I don’t know why I said no before because he is everything I want! We invited Carolyn to our wedding!!

Making wishes and dreams come true faster is what I do!  As an Intuitive Counselor, Love Coach and  Hypnotherapist I've been featured on TV and radio.  I am also an  international best-selling co-author with my chapter entitled, “The Healing Power of Love & Forgiveness.” 

Why I became a Love Coach... “Years ago I  noticed a pattern that really amazed me with my clients. After a few sessions which included emotional clearing of past relationships,  forgiveness and self-love, many of my clients told me that they had met the love of their life and got engaged fairly quickly.  The incredible part is that they were not looking for love... love just found them. 

Carolyn is just like a “Fairy Godmother”
Bride and Groom

What You Get


A Love Blueprint to uncover your blind spots, break old patterns, heal past relationship wounds. Learn better skills to attract high vibe connections and repel the wrong ones. Experience more self-acceptance and self-compassion to become irrisistible. Get the support you need on that first date or that break-up.

  • Learn strategies and tools to overcome relationship challenges.

  • Build confidence and step into your love vision. 

  • Develop an Abundant Dating Mindset and find extraordinary love.

 With the right guidance, great feedback and effective solutions, you can enjoy the best relationship of your life!
So, don’t give up on yourself or love…there is someone waiting just for you

The Love Coaching program is a 6 month program with one on one coaching and group coaching to guide you  living your love vision.


Register above for private 1 hr session or

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Young Couple

Join our Love Coaching Group

Twice a month for 1 hour 

       Connect with a like-minded community

Experience heart-centered coaching 

Feel supported & understood

Celebrate your wins 

Have fun learnig love strategies & upgrade your relationship skills

Different topics we will cover:

  • What is love? How to increase your self-worth.

  • Discover what has been holding you back in love. 

  • Learn the secrets to making yourself irresistible.

  • How to attract the right one and repel the wrong one-Dating rules

  • The Zen of Dating-Developing an abundant mindset.

  • Learn the best dating and relationship tips to attract extraordinary love.

Topic: What is getting in the way of love?
Time: Feb. 28, 2023, 7:00 PM MST | 06:00 PM PST

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